Zerhloole is produced with PGP's experts and after various examination bases on global standards for repairing damaged and corroded pipeline to restore defective pipeline to full capacity.

• Repairing pipeline with metal lost, bend, dent, leak, external and internal corrosion
• strengthening girth weld
• increasing mechanical strength of pipe
• strengthening under water pipe and preventing them from corrosion
• preventing of risers from fatigue failure

Advantage of Zerehloole

• Permanent repair
• Economical benefits
• No need to hot work
• Safety
• No need to shutdown
• Very easy installation
• No need to special equipment
• Does not have any pollution

Different part of Zerehloole

Zerehloole consists of three parts:
1) Prefabricated composite sleeves (reinforced resin with unidirectional glass)
2) Fast-curing, high performance adhesive
3) High compressive strength filler