About Us

Our Goals
1.     To promote the ability of our personnel to be more useful for mankind;
2.     To provide our services as an international company to our clients to be in the most effective position of ours;
3.     Using the most recent inventions knowledge and technologies through our jobs; Providing high research and development facilities to solve the problems in our fields;
4.     Organizational improvement.
We will develop and maintain a dynamic and sustainable organization that provides our staff with a constructive working environment and achieves the goals of our organization.
What does PGP do?
PGP is a company which is active in oil and gas industries. We can provide our engineering, procurement services in petroleum exploration and drilling. We have the ability to help our clients in corrosion consultancy and pipeline repair and monitoring.
What are our Advantages?
We have a good connection with universities and research labs and other international joint companies. It helps us to attain best offers to our clients. We have a good combination of international fresh experts with experienced engineers in our team.
Our Values
1.     Respect our clients;
2.     Responsible to our job;
3.     Integrity in our relations;
4.     Unity in our team;
5.     Research;
6.      Involving our client’s problems;
7.     Listening and Learning;
8.     Academic excellence
We will carry out and support world-class research education and teaching to benefit oil and gas industries now and in the future.